So you’re ready to go on a super exciting adventure with Escapomania

But you have one tiny dilemma, and that’s deciding which room you should choose. While it’s not difficult to determine, some visitors might have difficulty deciding which theme is best for them.

When picking your room, some things to focus on include the level of difficulty, age restrictions, and the number of players allowed in the room, and then there is selecting the theme of the game.

Choosing a theme

Escape room theme is essential as it determines the type of adventure you will experience at Escapomania. We have six rooms – Mysterious Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Black Sail’s Lost Treasure, Poltergeist, Mad Scientist’s Lab, Fallout Bunker, and Wonderland.

    • Detective

You must always pick a theme based on your interests, which can change each time you visit Escapomania. For example, let’s say you feel for a classic mystery to put your problem-solving skills to the test; then, you can try our detective-style room, the “Mysterious Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” This room is designed to give you a sense of excitement and thrill, and if you love looking for clues, you will truly enjoy this one. It has many elements to enhance the plots and keep you engaged.

    • Adventure

Suppose you feel like taking on an epic adventure. In that case, you should visit our adventure room, “Black Sail’s Lost Treasure.” In this room, you get to indulge in super exciting treasure hunting on a 17th-century ship. The high-quality props will enhance your experience and make you feel like a real adventurer.

    • Supernatural

Are you looking for something eerie? Our “Poltergeist” room allows you to go on a thrill-filled journey in a haunted mansion. Our props and effects will enable you to enjoy the spooky atmosphere better.

    • Sci-Fi

If you want to explore the world of science fiction, then our rooms, “Mad Scientist’s Lab,” and the new space, the “Fallout Bunker,” will be ideal. With the sci-fi genre, you get to explore technology amidst much thrill and excitement.

    • Fairy tale

Imagine being in an actual fairy tale. Well, Escapomania has you covered. Our “Wonderland” room allows you to unleash your curiosity in the puzzling world of Wonderland.

Locations and Group Size

We have three locations to suit your time better and your ability to move. All our locations are located in Ocean city, MD. If you are traveling in a big group, such as with a company, our large rooms make it easy for all members to play at the same time. We also have a festive area to celebrate birthdays, hold corporate parties, and more.

Make the best of your game and let your instinct do the rest!