We have a brand new room, the Fallout Bunker

This riveting sci-fi room has an apocalyptic vibe and will surely keep you excited and engaged. The Fallout Bunker allows you to go on an epic quest to save yourself and your friends after a crazy explosion. Just imagine there is so much chaos and destruction, and you are trying to escape but instead end up in a bunker that can become a trap. You’re then given the task of fixing the mechanism to get out of the bunker with only 45 minutes of oxygen left!

You don’t have time for talking and admiring this fully equipped and well-safe bunker.

The oxygen will run out in 45 minutes. Can you get out?

This new room will be tons of fun for all visitors of various age groups. The props and challenges within the Fallout Bunker will test your critical thinking skills, teamwork skills, and endurance.

So what are you waiting for, fellow adventurers? The ultimate escape room experience awaits you in the Fallout Bunker.