Mad Scientist's Lab

Mad Scientist’s Lab

8  max
8 /10
45  min
Not spooky

Here we are in Mad Scientist’s lab!

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Downtown, 2nd Street, Building #6


In 1949 he built an energy transmitter tube, but it got out of control and created an electromagnetic vortex. Instead, he could not accomplish the mission and got stuck here in the ether, like a restless spirit. Anyway, please stay calm and try to fix the Tube and SHUT THE MACHINE DOWN before it sucks you into the ether void.

Logical Thinking
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Not Spooky
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It is winter break at our Downtown location. Please, check back later for more available dates. We’ll see you next summer!

What is an adventure room – “Mad Scientist's Lab”?

Stay focused! Every 45 minutes new energy cycle starts, which is when it sucks any live organisms into the Ether vortex! Please mind a time before it runs out. Somewhere here in the lab, find Mad Scientist's journal, follow his sketches and try to figure out the cycle of the Energy Tube that should do the trick and help to shut it down.

Mad Scientist’s lab, located in downtown Ocean City, MD, is an escape room for true science fiction lovers. High-quality decorations and an atmosphere will make you feel like you entered a real lab. This escape room has an average level of difficulty, and it will be suitable for both experienced fans and beginners who want to try out a new and unusual genre. Designed for a large team of eight. Book a room.

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Mad Scientist’s Lab
Mad Scientist’s Lab
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Terms of use
It is strictly forbidden:
1. To be in the room in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication and/or drink alcohol, smoke.

2. To carry into the playing area and use any equipment during the game, including mobile phones, cameras or any hand tools.

3. To take or deliberately spoil the props and equipment.

4. To take any photo and/or shoot video in the play area.

Participants agree:
1. With audio and video recording during their stay at the location.

2. To make a payment before the game.

3. That in case of violation of the rules, the game can be stopped without a refund.